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Mobile detailing nashville


July 18,2023

Both Khalil and Bailey were very professional. I have been wanting for my headlamp covers to be cleaned for quite sometime now. Previously, I had a detailer cleaned it and it looked the same when he was finished. However, after 2 minutes into the restoration process, I could see the difference. Brand New Mobile Detailing is the way to go!! Thanks guys!!

Mobile detailing nashville

Aug. 22, 2022

My experience with Brand New Mobile Detailing was perfect from start to finish. The website was easy to navigate and to understand what kind of services they provide and what to expect from each. My scattered brain had forgotten which date I had made the appointment for, and I called to inquire. The answered the phone within three rings and was able to confirm the date ( I made sure to add it to my calendar this time). I still received a call the fay before the appointment to confirm all details and make sure we were good to go. On the day of my car’s interior detailing Bailey was amazing, got to my address on time and even though the interior of my car was not extremely messy, he still spent nearly 4 hrs on getting it to brand new. When I met him I asked him to please pay some attention to the stained fabric on the seats and he did not disappoint. My car looks like it just got out of the dealership!!!! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. On top of an amazing job he is also extremely nice and kind. 10/10 Will be telling everyone I know about this incredible company!

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